Wednesday, April 26, 2006

News from Konstfack

Hej everybody,
some news about our work here in Stockholm!
After having already developed some ideas we had a meeting with the R&D and the Product managers of Primus, a leader company in outdoor products ( They showed particular interest in being involved and sponsoring us with their deep competence (they're a company more than 100 years' old): they'll support us with the development in the technical side of our products, even modifying, if necessary, these engineered parts to fulfill our purposes.
To give you a clearer idea of what we're up to, we're prioritizing the development of the following products: gas stoves, lighting, shelter system. In case of availability (mainly of time and money) we intend to complement this range with other related products (eg. tables).
We hope everything is going on fine in NY and St.Etienne!
All the best

Andrea & the Konstfack team.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

To St. Etienne

This is a schematic drawing of various building positions on the bridge. We (St Etienne and Parsons) need to compare notes on where we are placing our shared table and also our ideas about other openings on the wall.

We want to include a sliding door on the center wall where the houses meet so we were wondering if this will work with your design?

Exact dimensions for the door are to be determined. As of now, it would be helpful to see your schematics. Be in touch-- Thanks and looking forward to see your work --THE PARSONS TEAM.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Team Intro

Better late than never !

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

larger drawing from st-é

robert told me that you need a larger drawing, here it is but an illustrator .eps file was send by email to robert, might be better - it is not possible to upload a 300 ppp 25 cm wide drawing i think and vector drawing is the one to be enlarged.


Metropolis Magazine has chosen to feature Parson's in their ICFF 2006 Preview. On page 114 in this month's issue, you can see work from the fall semester which demonstrates our experiments with furniture, laser cutting, and elaborate windows. More to come.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

our workshop is smaller than yours

We also have a special place where the little house prototype might become real, it's smaller than yours, but we built the handrail !!!

by the way : could you give us the mesurement of your prototype (how high is it ?) and where are supposed to be the communicating windows on the crossing side, please.

we have a meeting today, these information we need !

keep the pressure !


Monday, April 17, 2006

A Floor At Last

With less than a week left to spend in the very huge gallery space (which we will really miss), the group has been making progress in construction. On Saturday, more material was delivered and a floor was constructed in about four hours. After developing a plan for the roof system, we will begin building the roof tomorrow and Wednesday. As for the inside of the house, its beginning to feel like home! Not only do we spend most of our time there, but also we have created some atmosphere with the addition of a loft bed and some pillows that were left behind in the gallery. Decisions as to how the openings will work for the ICFF are yet to be made, but we have more or less decided where the window and table will be in relation to the bed. It's going to be a busy week before Friday, but at least there's a bed now if anyone needs to rest.

Friday, April 14, 2006


Above picture is top view of our site with a compass to give us a sense of direction of the site.


This is the group assembling the panel system to create our first full scale prototype.
We've divided out groups into interiors, construction, and material research group in order to get the most out of our given time in our dedicated studio.

Almost Feels Like Home....

This week we finished assembling our panels at last! After a week of cutting, re-cutting, gluing, and stapling, the panels were completed and on Wednesday night, all four walls were standing. With the walls standing (and one opening), the group has begun discussing a roof system, ventillation, and most importantly, openings. On Thursday, we met in class to discuss all of those important decisions, along with materials, interiors, and our display at the ICFF. While the Friggebod will certainly be finalized in Sweden, it needs to look ready for the ICFF. This weekend some of us will focus our attention on constructing a roof, while some of us work on layout, graphics, and technicalities for the ICFF. Any suggestions? (There are pictures that will show you proof of our standing walls, but my camera cord is not co-operating at the moment. Please forgive me for the delay)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

St-Etienne Design Squad

students :
- Émile STOCLIN - 2d year
- Pinar DEMIRDAG - 2d year
- SYLVAIN ROCHE - 3d year
- Nicolas ROESH - 4th year
- Arnaud BOSSOLINI - 5th year
+ .... another student unknown yet.

instructor-manager :
Jean-Bastien SAVET

Guest star :
Claude-Etienne TARDY

Internationnal relashionships :
Josyanne FRANC

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

New Renderings

pictures from st-etienne powerpoint

(nico is going to upload more pictures from the presentation powerpoint)

Monday, April 10, 2006

Making the panels

various wooden frames, soon to be.... A FRIGGEBOD!!!

The panels consist of a simple frame made of four pieces, and two sheets of homassote board. All of the cuts have been pre made, and the panels will be fixed together in an assembly line on Tuesday at 6:00PM NY time.