Friday, April 14, 2006

Almost Feels Like Home....

This week we finished assembling our panels at last! After a week of cutting, re-cutting, gluing, and stapling, the panels were completed and on Wednesday night, all four walls were standing. With the walls standing (and one opening), the group has begun discussing a roof system, ventillation, and most importantly, openings. On Thursday, we met in class to discuss all of those important decisions, along with materials, interiors, and our display at the ICFF. While the Friggebod will certainly be finalized in Sweden, it needs to look ready for the ICFF. This weekend some of us will focus our attention on constructing a roof, while some of us work on layout, graphics, and technicalities for the ICFF. Any suggestions? (There are pictures that will show you proof of our standing walls, but my camera cord is not co-operating at the moment. Please forgive me for the delay)


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