Monday, April 10, 2006

Life Outdoors Keywords & Moodboards _ Konstfack

Our project started with some reflections based on a research of the outdoor products market, focusing on cooking facilities.
Cooking outdoors leads to a completely different experience to preparing food indoors. Often more of a social activity, it becomes the real focus of the eating experience. The act of preparation rises in importance, being more of a performance than just a tool to prepare food.
This led us to the formulation of the following keywords and moodboards, on which we’ll base our concepts.


Today’s behaviour in kitchens is often to overload the facilities with high quality/high tech products. We think that only the basic functions are really necessary when cooking outdoors.


Our concepts should express their functions as simply as possible, in the way utility products do.
The shape and the colours should enhance the meaning of functions, instead of hiding them. We are taking inspiration from industrial products, where the functions are enhanced and strongly visualized through form and colours.


There’s no need of going for high-tech solutions when there are analogue ones that fulfill the same functions, with the strength that they enhance the relationship between the user and the product.

Cooking should in this case be a pleasure, even in case of a reduction of functionality. Our solution should be fun to use and more involving for the people, being the act of cooking outdoors associated with social activities and (hopefully) good weather.


We want to challenge people’s perception of what an outdoor kitchen should be and offer.

We want to move away from the cliché of the BBQ being the cooking facility outdoors
(people associate outdoor kitchens with dirt and grease).


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