Thursday, April 06, 2006

ICFF deadlines

12th May -shipping deadline
19th May 8am-5pm set up booth # 1183
20th-23rd May-ICFF show 10-5pm

The dates listed above are the approaching deadlines for the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in May. Students have been working to prepare an exhibit for this show, and are preparing examples of the construction methods they will be using on the site in Hallefors, Sweden. Parsons will display a full scale prototype of the dweling and furnishings that will be built in Sweden in June. The other half of the dwelling to be constructed on the bridge, designed by St. Etienne, will be displayed as a smaller model on a 1/20 scale bridge. The combination of these two displays should illustrate how Parson's and St. Etienne's dwellings will correspond on the bridge site in Hallefors, and will allow viewers to have a better sense of the space.


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